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Equity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Equity - Essay ExampleExecutive Summary Owens & Minor Inc. warmheartedness OMI Recommendation Hold Price $29.78 on 31.03.2010 Price target one year $34.95 Highlights A fortune 500 company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. Wide scattering network throughout the United States. The provider of the broadest selection of branded products. Unique, superior products are offered through non competitive partnerships with leading manufacturers of health care products through salute effective product line labeled Medichoice, OM direct etc. Supplier assortment, community participation and sustainability are the guiding principles of the firm. Hospitals and Ambulatory surgery centers are the heading customers of the firm. Financial Summary Market capitalization of $ 2.04 billion in 31.3.2010. The first quarter of 2010 saw an increase in the net income of the firm by 98% as compared to the previous year. Operating earnings in the firm increased by 23.3% as compared to the first quarter in t he previous year 2009. change and cash equivalents as on 31.03.2010 was $ 146.4 million. A review of the firms earning growth rate indicates an average earning growth of 5.4% over the past ten years. Dividend outlet of the stock of the firm as on 31.03.2010 was 2.1%. Qualitative analysis Company profile and industry overview Owens & Minor makes sure hospitals are organized for main surgeries. Its operate include logistics, supplier management analytics inventory management, outsourced resource management, clinical supply management, and business process consulting (Owens & Minor Inc (OMI New York) Par. 1). A primary dispenser of surgical and medical supplies, the industry takes about 200,000 products from 1,200 producers. Products distributed by Owens & Minor contain surgical dressings, intravenous and endoscope products, syringes, needles, sterile procedure trays, gowns, sutures and gloves. Owens & Minor consumers are chiefly health systems and hospitals and the purchasing assoc iations that servicing them. It distributes products to about 4,400 health care contributors from above 50 distribution places from corner to corner the US. SWOT analysis Strength Owens & Minor offers a range of reading investigation tools and consulting services and outsourced resource management. Weakness In the recent times, their overall profits are down. Opportunities The opportunities open to the Owens & Minor are measured in basis of its future development prospects. Threats The company needs to evaluate prospective partners, vendors and suppliers. Porters 5 Competitive Forces Porters 5 competitive forces consist of supplier power, threat of new entrants, and threat of substitutes, degree of revelry and buyer power of Owens & Minor. The healthcare supply chain expertise, joined with a continued responsibility to investing in information technologies and to add together a bounty of benefits to health provider customers and supplier partners alike. Threat of new entrants is a probability of reaction from existing competitors and barriers to entry of the Owens & Minor. It consists of economies of scale, product differentiation, capital requirements and governmental and legal barriers of the Owens & Minor. Major Owners Table 1 shows the major owners of Owens & Minor. Financial Statements Analysis Ratio Analysis I. Short term solvency or liquidity proportionalitys a) Current ratio Current ratio is defined as ratio of current assets to current liabilities. It is computed as follows. Current

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Gender Equity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Gender Equity - Essay ExampleThe separate but equal approach ignores that men and women be not similarly situated in their relationships to athletics as a social institution (Weistart, buttocks C, p4).In 1971, before there was each large activity under Title IX, approximately 290,000 girls were participating in high school sports. In just six years, the number rose to more than than 2 million. The obvious unanswered question is what this number would be after a couple of decades of adequate funding and vigorous enforcement of Title IX (Weistart, John C, p37).However, the indicate on Title IX continues at a lively or feverish pitch, depending on the prevailing situations at different academic institutions. The of import complainants argon the male coaches who are distraught to see their big, hard-earned bucks slip away to women sports. However, in certain cases such as the womens basketball, Title IX is proving to be its worth. Womens basketball has freehanded phenomenally i n the United States (Weistart, John , p29).Basically, it is an industry within academic institutions. The television is the protagonist. ... The separate but equal approach ignores that men and women are not similarly situated in their relationships to athletics as a social institution (Weistart, John C, p4).In 1971, before there was any significant activity under Title IX, approximately 290,000 girls were participating in high school sports. In just six years, the number rose to more than 2 million. The obvious unanswered question is what this number would be after a couple of decades of adequate funding and vigorous enforcement of Title IX (Weistart, John C, p37).However, the debate on Title IX continues at a lively or feverish pitch, depending on the prevailing situations at different academic institutions. The main complainants are the male coaches who are distraught to see their big, hard-earned bucks slip away to women sports. However, in certain cases such as the womens baske tball, Title IX is proving to be its worth. Womens basketball has grown phenomenally in the United States (Weistart, John , p29).B. Industry AnalysisBasically, it is an industry within academic institutions. The television is the protagonist. Without the television, sports howsoever popular, do not have the means to utilise influential pressures to generate funds (Weistart, John C, p19). It is not easy to think of sports as an industry. But we can accept it as an industry if we consider the quantum of silver involved and other economic factors such as human resource and large stadiums. Football and basketball lead the sports show. Because, if these games cease to exist, there will be no other games (Weistart, John C, p22). Also, the terms of Title IX make sports an equivalent to industry. No

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Fast Food Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Fast Food - Research Paper ExampleNonetheless, it does not make it an easy endeavor, as it also requires strategic thinking concerning how to undertake it. on that point are those that will shy away from it due to high costs incurred at the beginning and those who embrace it simply because there is a constant market. In the same way, consumers have become much aware of wellness hazards associated with fast food forcing restaurants to come up with healthier options. Outline of Opposing Side The approximately pressing challenge facing the fast food industry is the fact there is an increasing awareness of health implications of fast foods. Previously, the fast food was the go-to argumentation owing to its cheap aspect in the face of hard economic generation. Fast food outlets were able to cash out on such clocks by offering promotions, discounts and cheap combination meals. At the same prison term, consumers enjoyed convenience in form of fast deliveries. Presently however, fast food outlets have been face with challenges stemming from health concerns such as the health reform bill passed in 2010 aimed at combating obesity that calls on fast food restaurants with 20 or more outlets to reveal the calorie content of their meals on the menus. This has called for innovation in the industry where restaurants have to look for ways in which they can package their meals in a healthy manner while still making them attractive. This is particularly so with children meals that are usually offered with toys making them more attractive to them for instance Happy Meals offered by McDonalds. Legislators suggested that such complementary items attracted children to unhealthy meals. Coming up with healthy alternatives costs more and as such restaurants are faced with an uphill task of cr eradicateing consumer faithfulness where for instance consumers will be encouraged to purchase more expensive items after getting them hooked on the low-priced ones (More than menus). Seco nd to health concerns is loss of family tradition as an effect of dependence on fast food. This comes from the fact that fast foods offer convenience and low priced items at a time when most people are leading hectic lifestyles defined by long working hours and work plus school routines leaving no time for getting home to prepare a meal. Getting a meal has become a matter of picking up the phone and making an tramp that is then delivered in no time. Traditional family bonding that happened during meals has faded because of this as people eat away from home so dinner conversations that created time for inherited up have become a thing of history. Even with expensive meals, many young people are able to afford them, as many are keen on making extra money after school or during school breaks (Hager 5). It has been reported that approximately 25 percent of adults eat at a fast food restaurant where a typical meal comprises of three hamburgers along with four packets of French fries ev ery week. much(prenominal) meals are considered junk foods, as they are high in fat and salt and if a soda accompanies them there is high sugar and calorie content summing up the junk food definition as being low in nutritional benefits. Sugar-sweetened beverages that have over time increased in portions served handbill for nearly 20 percent of calories consumed by Americans. This is what causes type 2 diabetes and increased body weight where one consumes this continuously without exercising. High saturated fats along with piquant meals cause heart disease, blood

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation Essay

Corporate neighborly Responsibility and Globalisation - Essay specimenThe discussion mainly focuses on the ethical principles underlying social responsibility in the business world. Ultimately, this essay argues that CSR becomes more and more important as globalization rapidly develops. Confronting the growing environmental issues in the current global marketplace, MNCs be aggressively or constructively taking part in strategic programmes towards choice management and environmental preservation. Dedication of global businesses to sustainable initiatives are motivated by several internal and external factors, such as social activism, technical improvements encouraging sustainable programmes, customer demand for ecologically friendly goods and/or services, and governments environmental policies (Wilson 2000). Concerns about the corporate social responsibilities have been the point of contention for decades. However, recently, a new approach towards the issue has emerged and prevail ed (Lechner & Boli 2004). Both in the corporate domain and beyond it, there is far-reaching and mounting advocacy for the existing idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). ... A particular business relationship for this may be the perception that global corporations are not as impregnable as they were believed to be in the past hence, their operations can be controlled to profit society (Wilson 2000). According to Bomann-Larsen and Wiggen (2004), another explanation could be a perception that successful legal regularisation of businesses whose operations reach outside national boundaries is unlikely, making self-regulation as the sole realistic, feasible option. Thus, MNCs should self-regulate in a way that promotes the wellbeing of the society and its citizens. CSR has been controversial for decades, and whatsoever aspects of the subject matter have been introduced by ethicists. This controversy has been broadened recently to encompass the practices of MNCs. Even nowadays, the long-standing issue still reverberates through the halls of international corporations across the globe If it is legal, does that defend it ethical? (Manakkalathil & Rudolf 1995, 29) The emphasis of the word ethics can be related to views concerning what is moral and what is not one description of ethics may be the explanation of what comprises human wellbeing and the actions needed to support it. The concept of ethical norms is brought into play to characterise compliance to generally accepted moral codes (Sullivan 2002). Consequently, according to Sims (2003), these moral codes are ruled mostly by values, traditions, and behaviour that a society implements as parameters for interpersonal manners. Hence, corporate social responsibility is tantamount to societal norms and values, which then implies that MNCs should hammer objectives that are congruent to

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Hudson River Dredging Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Hudson River Dredging - Essay ExampleGE, along with supporters from a portion of the public, powerfully opposed dredging as a cleanup option, stating that it was unnecessary since the river was eliminating the PCBs through natural means. However, in 2002 EPA initiated the dredging of two million cubic meters of sediment to remove an estimated 68,000 kilograms of PCBs from a 250-kilometer debase of the upper Hudson. For the design and implementation of the dredging project, active public involvement was ensured by EPA2.The fish caught from the upper Hudson River were found to be contaminated with the 209 different chemical compounds of PCBs which squirrel away in its fat tissues. Humans who consume contaminated fish increase their risk of cancer. Currently, PCB pollution is such that fishing for the purpose of human consumption is taboo in the upper Hudson River, and permitted only to a limited extent downstream, by health advisories3. While cleaning the Hudson River through dredgi ng and indemnity are essential, the technological feasibility, the boilers suit environmental benefits, the adverse impacts caused by hazardous waste from the operations, and the problems caused to nearby communities need to be taken into consideration.Thesis statement The purpose of this paper is to discuss Hudson River dredging and remediation to remove PCBs and to examine the environmental benefits and disadvantages resulting from the operations.The Hudson River in New York State is one of the best known examples of a large river system with widespread sediment defilement with PCBs. The upper forty miles of river will undergo cleaning operations, with 2.65 million cubic yards of sediment proposed to be removed. Cleanup has yet to begin, although dredging of 265,000 cubic yards from 94 acres is intend for the first year of dredging operations4.The United States federal government is compelled to address the problem of polychlorinated

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Urban machines Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Urban machines - Essay ExampleSkyscrapers were constructed using steel rods and plates and with these passengers elevators were made. electricity was initially used for lighting the cities and invention of bulb by 1879 enabled lighting in homes in America.At around 1900, telephone was invented by Alexander graham flour and this connected people living in the urban centers in terms of communication. By this time, population centralization increased around the municipal government with delimitate administration and more expansion followed. The urbanization had negative impacts for instance the smog, from the industries polluted the environment. The streets became dirty as a result of improper management as well up as crowding.Chicago was majorly a trading center characterized by historical palaces as well as public buildings. However, Berlin was more developed as it had tidy transportation networks in terms of road and railway .Berlin ensured easy access to educational materials b y building and equipping public libraries. Later, majority of people travel out of the cities as development (commercially) began in the outcasts of the cities (Henretta and Brody

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Answering the Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Answering the Question - Essay ExampleThe industry must have whatsoever factors that may attract the investors. Banks is a mobile option to raise start-up capital in collateral presence, but the concept is different in the cases of venture capitalists. The investors in ventures scrutinize the company and asses it growth potential, whether thither is a chance of whooping great get within a short time. In short, the company or business idea must have some great market potential in it.Secondly, its remains fundamental option to put self in the investors shoes. Investors are keen and quick to invest in a company with an assuring management team, growing company with a future. Therefore, a business plan must have a clear indicant of the companys success elements.The enterpriser must demonstrate full awareness of the target audience. Any good business idea will forever and a day have an aspiring investor willing to cash in his resources. Investors vary in their characteristics. Some analyse possibility of assumption control, executive positions, degree of risks and company maturity. The entrepreneur must be aware of the portfolios and profiles of such investors, and this can be made possible through consistent research.Moreover, the business plan and specifically the executive drumhead dictate the path the business is likely to take. It does establish a close connection between the potential investor and the business (Choe, pg. 45). No confidential information should be added up in a business plan. The plan should be a summation of not more than five pages, articulating the growth strategies, marketing strategies, definition of the products, bullion requirements and market entry criteria. Furthermore, to counter the aspiring investors inquisitiveness, explain the team one is working with, financial projections, target clients, major competitors, and strategies to outdo the competitors, usage the profits raised and other